In the Early Morning, 1 Minute past Seven






I have changed a top picture of this blog. This picture was taken at the place indicating at green arrow in the following map, on the ocean in Washington state, USA.

In the early morning, 1 minute past seven.

No wind, no sound.

The indigo blue ocean as smooth as unbroken mirror reflected the pale pink sky at morning dawn.

Me, a ripple of kayak and a elegant back of dolphin were only moving things.

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Movie of The Kennewick-Man Expedition on 2nd May 2012

This movie was taken on the Columbia River on 2nd May 2012, for The Kennewick-Man Expedition. A whole route map of this day can see in the map below.

It was a strong wind along the river from downstream as west. As a zigzag track in the map below, sailing downstream against powerful head wind was very difficult, and I could only just move back and forth in the width direction of river, could not move downstream, for some time after start. I was almost given up kayaking in this day twice.