ケネウィック・マンのDNA調査の予備試験結果が公表された記事はTri-City Herald。1990年代に一度DNA抽出は失敗していたが、その後の技術向上で成功したのだ。

A preliminary result of DNA test of Kennewick-man is announced, Tri-City Herald, although genetic analysis is still under way in Denmark. The 1990s’ attempts to extract DNA from Kennewick-man failed once, but advanced technology makes it possible recently.

Oh my goodness, it overturns the theory. The researchers say, “At present there is no indication he has a different origin than North American Native American.” That is say, roots of Kennewick-man is not Japan’s earliest inhabitant, is Siberia. I think the test results are that the gene is not the Haplogroup Q-M120 of Y-chromosome DNA.

Even though it is not a final report, unfortunately the footprint of Kennewick-man between Japan and West Coast of U.S. that I am following might be an illusion… O.K., it is the history of growth of science. My journey could be the Kennewick-city to Africa.

A research group of Smithsonian Institute commented until 2012 that Kennewick man was not Native American, he more closely resemble Japan’s earliest inhabitants, as a result of the facial reconstruction. Now, we know that, even on a same genetic line, shapes of skull could be different. New DNA analysis raises a question about older scientific methods that rely on looking at the shape of bones.