I kayaked in a maze of canal in Tokyo, a generally unknown world, and enjoyed a cherry-blossom viewing

There is a extremely beautiful tunnel of the cherry trees overhanging into the canal and blooming profusely. It has been the best exotic cherry-blossom viewing ever in my life. Additionally a mini-panama-canal was a big attraction.
Finally I paddled to a canal being located immediately below the Tokyo Skytree, and pulled up my kayak in there.

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A new video title, which was shot during a solo kayak adventure on the Yukon River for 2700 km for three months from the source lake, Bennett, Canada to Grayling, Alaska, U.S.A., has published in Amazon.

From the source lakes flowed out from glaciers, via the Yukon Flat where we can see only a horizon for few weeks, to the lower reaches of a stream with few miles width, you could enjoy the landscapes of the untouched river.

You could get a whole picture of the river with a shooting method by a camcorder fixed on the kayak while paddling turn 360 degrees, and you could get shooing locations by inserted moving maps between sections. At 28 min., there is a beaver shot from only 3 feet away, and at 32 min., there are moose.


Dieser Film ist während einer dreimonatigen Solo Kajak Abenteuerreise auf dem Yukon Fluss entstanden. Die Reise ging über 2700 km vom Quellsee Bennet in Kanada bis nach Grayling, Alaska, USA. Anhand einer fest auf dem Kajak angebrachten Videokamera waehrend das Kajak im Kreis gepaddelt wird, bekommt man einen vollständigen Überblick von der umgebenden Landschaft. Zusätzlich werden die einzelnen Drehorte mit Hilfe von Landkarten gezeigt.

Filming a lot of actions of struggle of my kayaking partner, you can see that what is kayaking, how to kayak over fallen trees obstructing a stream in the last wild river in Japan. It is a record of fighting for more than a week in Bekanbeushi River. Welcome to the your unknown world!

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Following is filming by a high vision camera. So, more fine scenery of the same river could be seen.

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