After living almost 4 months in Nepal and India, I flew to Japan with full of memories in a backpack. I couldn’t see any line between us from the small airplane window. The work to vanish that imaginary lines is your job. Now I’m in Japan but am not.


Annapurna Base Camp 4,130 meters

 I trekked up to Annapurna Base Camp 4,130 meters among Himalayan, Nepal, with Mani Aryal for the first two days, by myself for the next two days, and joined University of Sunderland team for the last three days. That elevation was my record breaking.

You might be able to imagine how it was wonderful that I climbed as not a foreigner with a guide but one of Nepali locals just enjoying their own mountains of the highest in the world. My unforgettable memory it is.



 If I write what I see here in Nepal as it really is, I can't go wrong. However, when my evaluation is added, because there is no one who can see the whole world, I know that mistakes migh be made there. Under such circumstances, one thing that seems to be correct is that the idea of ​​dichotomy between developed countries and developing countries, western countries and non-western countries only comes from the limits of human cognitive ability, and it might be the source of our mistakes.


I could enter into Nepal finally.

10 days after I had left Japan, finally I could come to my destination, Duhabi, Nepal. Due to a not accurate information of Nepal government for changing a role (Japan embassy in Nepal also didn’t know that) I couldn’t enter into Nepal through the border at Bagdogra, but thankfully it gave me good opportunities. I had wonderful experiences, that visiting Jogbani town and Bheriahi Salona village where were at deep inside India as tourists can never visit, home stay in both, encounter wonderful peoples and joining Hindu engagement ceremony. Needless to say, those were based on hospitalities of Vishal and a lot of his relatives whose discussed to make my way India to Nepal, traveled with me and providing their homes to stay with treating me as if I were family.
I am making vlog on YouTube.


Could not across an India Nepal border

 I could NOT across an India Nepal border!

Although I flew to India and took a train to India-Nepal-border at Bagdogra with long journey of 16 hours flight and 34 hours railway, an information from a website of Nepal Ministry of Tourism was something old and finally I could not get a Nepali visa at an immigration office in there. Things do not always go the way you want them to, but it gives you an another opportunity, I believe. I will try another land border later, though there is a just poor information since an immigration office and an embassy have not answered telephone call.