Kaminoyama Hot Spring

Flower of Hounoki (it might grow naturally only in Japan). 

Yesterday was 32 km. Today is 25 km. And this evening I cared my pained body in the hot spring Kaminoyama Onsen; yeah, I hiked from Miyagi pre. to Yamagata pre. across over Mt. Zao. The public bath, although it’s water is so nice, of fee is only 150 yen, it’s very rare, usually 500 yen or more. I almost would stay here for several days and sink deeply.

Walk Japan

 I realize a movie is easier than and I can concentrate into just the journey, taking it by just a iPhone, without editing. And also it gives you more reality, I think so far.







My soul and body

 When I visited a small grocery store in a village to buy an ice cream, the kind owner fed me a Bento and banana. I reminded clearly the wonderful my friends they did so on the Columbia River, on the Yukon River and on the road in Washington. Your souls make my soul and body.

Walk river bank




Walk from Miyagi

 I’m in here where 8 years ago I was, Miyagi, Japan.

I will continue walking from here to far south, guys. My progress can be seen on the map in www.ryotayamada.com .

Air is cool in here than urban, Tokyo. Tomorrow, I will head toward Mt. Zao.