Hama Hama Family

I am staying in the grounds of Hama Hama Co. for preparations for next sea kayak leg. And I have made a lot of friends who are big founder's family of Hama Hama, more members than this picture.

Last night, I saw the beautiful Milky Way, and heard a water sound of seal. And oyster farmed by Hama Hama in Hood Canal are so delicious.

I am spending good times among nice friends and nature.


昨夜は、天の川を海抜0mのこの場所で見て、アザラシがたてる水音を聞きました。また、5代続くHama Hama一族の敷地内にテントを張り、大家族の彼らと友達になりました。綺麗な自然と良い友達に囲まれて、素敵な時間を過ごしてます。

Here I am: