Finished the Washington Illinois Motorcycle Tour

Yesterday night, I returned to Mario's house, Montesano WA. So, the Washington Illinois Motorcycle Tour has finished.

A total driving distance was 5,937 miles (9,555 km). And I run in 12 states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada).

A motorcycle was a nice method to know the United State.

I could know by direct experience of my skin, that, what the United States is huge, a considerable difference of landscape between Japan and United States, and how to live in this massive land. And these have made me think about a deep and complex relations between the countries.

I have come to more like the North America :)

But I still just have stepped on twelve states among fifty. I still don't know a east coast and southern states. I should know those also.

During this tour, I worn underwears of LDComfort. It was a something like that, I got a new physically strong skin of myself. I think It comes from the special function of those which controls a skin moisture to the best.

Here I am:

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