ケネウィックマン遠征の全軌跡 Whole track of Kennewick-Man Expedition

ケネウィックマン遠征の、全行程の軌跡が表示できるようになりました。2012 The Kennewick-Man Expedition から見ることができます。

Now you can see a GPS track of 2012 The Kennewick-Man Expedition. View it in 2012 The Kennewick-Man Expedition .

少々ややこしいのですが、Google Mapの仕様から軌跡が幾つかに分断されていて、下図の矢印で示す記号をクリックしないと次の軌跡が表示されません。いずれ、一度で表示されるように工夫します。

Sorry for some confusing operation of the map, since the GPS track is divided into some fragments according to a Google Map specification, you should click a button indicated by a red arrow in the following figure for to see a next track. In the near future, I am going to make a something for to see those as one large track.


One of the main attractions is a zigzag movement of the GPS track. You can get an idea of some situation that, even though wind, wave and water stream, which were quickly, fitfully and complicatedly varying as time and place were changing, tossed about my kayak, I tried to get advance as changing a course for left or light and going ahead or backward.