Way to Bennett




I asked to Emily, Canoe People, an outfitter in Whitehorse, to  drive me and my kayak to  Carcross, although  my destination is Bennett, a historical abandoned town of Yukon Gold Rush where people started their raft trip along the Yukon River, because there is no way to go to there by car.

Jim drove me. We thought that the narrow gauge train might carry me and my kayak from Carcross to Bennett, and visited the visitor information center in Carcross. Jim gave me a big help with complicated exchange of words in English.

They started off their advise.
"Very strong wind always blows through the narrow and long Bennett Lake, and this strong wind makes very heigh wave."
"The sand banks around here are made by that strong wind carrying sand."
"Even local who has a big boat with engine never sails in that strong wind."
"The strong wind suddenly starts to blow and there are only few spots you can pull your kayak up for about 45 kilometer shore."
For several tens minutes, I thought that it should be better to give up to start from Bennett and then alternatively start from here Carcross, because her face was very serious.

Finally I decided that anyway I will go to Bennett if the train can bring me and my kayak, and then will observe carefully the wind of there. I already experienced same situation in the Columbia River Gorge, the starting point of my kayak expedition.

The second issue was my ton of equipment. The train does not run today Monday, are going to run tomorrow Tuesday. I can not carry those to camp ground by hand. I had to ask somebody near train station to keep those in their storage. Ron, Matthew Watson General Store, just in front of the station, accepted it in the nicest way.

And then, Daphne, Carcross Visitor Information Centre, called to the train office instead of me, and reserved it (I think nobody uses the train from Carcross to Bennett to kayak) very kindly.

In here, again, locals are giving me wonderful supports. I deeply thank them.








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