Monday, August 7, 2017

最終日の講演 『―地平線―アラスカ・カヤック展』 

 次の目標は、ユーコン川の残り区間となる、アラスカ・グレイレング村からベーリング海まで、単独カヤック500 km、2018年です。源流から河口までの3,200 kmを一本の線で繋げます。

   I ended “-Horizon- Alaska Kayak Exhibition” with the last day’s talk show. I am so glad that I could introduce a spectacular world of the wilderness in Alaska where only sky, water and horizon are exist, a human society which we glimpse from there, and an importance of irreplaceable untouched-wilderness.
   Next aim is the remaining section of the Yukon River, solo kayak 500 km from Grayling village, Alaska to Bering Sea, 2018. I will make a line from the source lake to the mouth.
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