Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Altitude and velocity data of Solo Kayak Yukon River

I will publish an altitude data and a velocity data of Solo Kayak Yukon River which I recorded every day. A horizontal axis is a travel distance, and vertical axes are an altitude and a velocity each.

Average velocity of 1 minutes 速度1分平均

Average velocity of 10 minutes 速度10分平均

Average velocity of 100 minutes 速度100分平均

Altitude 標高

Since the section between 0-180 kilometers is a series of lakes, an altitude is constant, water doesn’t flow and a speed of kayak is slow as 1-4 km/hour.

The altitude suddenly drops at 180 km point, due to the dam which Yukon River only has.

After there, it has one more lake, and then, from the around 280 km point, lakes change into a river and water runs down an incline.

The inclination angle of the river is gradually becoming gentle as the river is coming close to the mouth, and also the velocity of the kayak is gradually becoming slow.

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