Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tracking Map of Solo Alaska Kayak


I will publish a GPS tracking data on the map which I recorded every day during Solo Alaska Kayaking. It’s a red line on the map that brings my memory back like a smell, and expands a space of the scene into my head, due to a precise data when I paddled where and to which direction.


It is the place where I can understand I am living at the Earth, not at Tokyo, Japan, and I can understand I am alive for already one thousand years. There are not a mountain, a hill and even a roll of a few meters height, are only a rounding horizon, sky and water.



It is the place where I thought I was going to die by being tossed about by waves and wind in the midnight lake.



It is the place where I could have jewel of a lake all for myself.



It is the place where I encountered a black bear.


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