Tuesday, December 19, 2017


親友のマリオはアメリカでアウトドア用アンダーウェアを作っている。GHUnders http://ghunders.com/だ。彼の家に長期滞在していたときにふと出た僕のアイデアを、試作品として作ってくれた。見た瞬間マリオの思いが伝わってきて、ワォ、って活力がみなぎってきたよ!

Best friend Mario are producing outdoor & sports under wears in U.S. It is GHUnders http://ghunders.com/. He has made an idea, which I got during a long-stay in his house, to a prototype for me. When I saw it, "Wow", and I got a great energy with his heart!

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