Protect Earth-Life

I added a title “Protect Earth-Life” into the WEB cover picture. Right from the start, it has been the main theme, and now I put it to a more front. My ambitious aim is to protect the Earth.

Supposedly, in 20 or 30 years, God will give a sigh with an amazed look on his face. “Finally, human kind kills all…” It is objectively doubtful that human as carbon-based life can survive with only “dog, cat” and “cow, pig, chicken” and “potato, carrot”, after extermination of whole thick carpet of life which has fully covered the Earth once…

Having rough image, it might be impossible to sustain all species without at least 1/10 of earth’s land, where for just nature and human does not step into, isn’t it? Nevertheless, even such a tiny space, as long as there are international boundaries, it should be less of a reality. So, it means that, each and every person of the world has to be aware of the problem as one’s own, and moves politics.

The global warning is also on the same topic.

The situation of the moment is “Resist your temptation for your future! Otherwise you are going to die!” isn’t it? However, anybody and everybody are not good at those things on a human instinctive level.

So, how can we do? To shift the vision, from heavy topics and painful efforts, to light topics and pleasures, should be the solution. To have a feeling of closeness to the nature and care the nature, as if it is own garden or pets, should be the solution. To see and hear the story of the nature more casually and joyfully, should be the solution.

Therefore, doing adventures throw wildernesses, I tell people “hey, here is a joyful and exciting world!” Then I interweave a topic of nature conservation into it as 1/5 the amount. It is my strategy.

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