Mission complete!



   Mission complete, Walking Across the Frozend Bekanbeushi Marsh! It was so fantastic.
   The most impressive scene has been the frozen Bekanbeushi Marsh like the univerce and the frozen Bekanbeushi River like the Milky Way. Extreme cold, which was -16 Fahrenheit, extrem silence, which  a snow covering entire marsh made by absorbing all sounds, and a perfectly flat and vast horizontal plan of the marsh, those reminded me of our univers. I was walking on the Milky Way while I am looking over our univers.

   I will go to any country to talk it instead of the voiceless marsh if you would treat me a meal and a ticket.

   Thanks a lot Mr. Shibuya, curator, and Mr. Honda, researcher both informed me about the Bekanbeushi River, and Mr. Miki from HOBOS given me an idea of slider.

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