Black bear

Day 47

I paddled 50 miles in the continuous rain without any place to rest, eat and wear more clothes. At 11 pm, finally the rain stopped and I pulled the kayak to a pebbly shore to wear clothes.

A black bear was there just 60 feet ahead, when I had finished wearing clothes and lifted my head. He was interested me and got closer and closer to me. I was without wearing a bear spray, even a knife.
I lifted both hand high and moved those left and right to show my body bigger, talked to him and walked backward slowly, keeping to face him. Nevertheless, he continued to approach me.
For two minutes or so, I walked backward and was keeping the distance. And then, the bear came by the kayak. He started to sniff my water proof bag containing my clothes, but soon he lost interest in it and started to approach me again.
I had to show him that I am more strong than him. So, I try to jump while lifting and moving both hand. This time, he was surprised and turned back into the wood.

Total distance: 625 mi




総距離: 1,000キロメートル

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