Living together with Yukon River


Day 56

Visiting Fort Yukon village, U.S.A., to re-supply food, I met Joyce Ward and Ida Tizya by chance, who are cousins of Shirley Lord; Shirley is who I had met in Carcross, Canada, where is more upstream from the Yukon River. Moreover, Ida Tizya lives in Old Crow, Canada, where is along one of the tributary of the Yukon River, and she well knows Bev Bingham, whose native place is Old Crow, and her family, who had become my friends at Tagish, Canada, where is more upstream from the Yukon River. What a small world.
People of first nation live together with the Yukon River, regardless of countries as Canada and U.S.A.

Total distance: 919 mi



総距離: 1,471キロメートル

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