Value of telling


Day 44

   I could get a rain coat instead of the damaged Gor-tex wear in here, a small town for a tourism, Dawson City.
   And also, I could get a new solar battery panel instead of a half-dead one, which I asked to transfer from Whitehorse to here.    So, I can continue to challenge this adventure!

   Since I could get a new solar panel, I summarize this paddling from start to now. I have used around two hours to post a my progress via a satellite daily. I have lost one-third of paddling time, and it means that I have lost one-third of paddling distance. In this pace, it should be difficult to arrive to the Bering Sea before when the winter is going to come to Alaska.
   So, I have arranged the order of priority.
   I should be the only one who program a original server, and post progresses in real time daily via the satellite to Facebook, blog and Twitter. On the other hand, honestly, I am feeling a stress to use electronic devices although I am in the deep nature and want to feel it.
   From the point of view of feeling, I want to be intent on paddling and want to go the Bering Sea straight. However, it is a issue of a balance. Because I am doing the original attempt this time, I think that, even if this paddling is going to be separated into two sections and the second half is going to execute other year, to continue this posting still has a value, and it is more worth than to discontinue this posting and to concentrate paddling.
   "The value of telling".




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