Wednesday, August 31, 2016



Day 91

   An aurora danced in the night sky. A wind from the Arctic Circle started blow. The seasons of Alaska have turned as turn over the leaves of a book.

   The pace of decrease of the water level remains slow as one inch a day, and the beach is still submerged. And, if I will start as it is, I will arrive the Bering Sea at end of September; A winter season will come.
   It should exceed a borderline between adventure and reckless.
   I decide to divide this leg in here Grayling village, and will revisit this village to paddle to the Bering Sea. Three months, 1,600 miles, the journey, as it were that I spent another life, ended with the summer, and then new season started now.



 ここグレイリング村でこのセクションを区切り、再度この村を訪れ海まで漕ぐことにした。 3ヶ月、2千6百キロメートル、別の人生を過ごしたような旅が、夏と共に終わり、新たな季節がいま始まった。

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