Friday, September 16, 2016



From Grayling village

   Edna has a radio installed above a kitchen. Not only her house but other houses also have it.
   It is a general calling to tell that the only grocery store in the village will open. It is a general calling to tell that a school will have a explanatory meeting for parents and they want people to come. It is communications when a mail airplane takes off and lands. It is ordinary communications with a handy radio being carried by a villager going hunting, is a rescue request when a villager can not back to home because his snowmobile breaks down or etc. It is communications reaching from neighboring villages to which we can go by only a boat or a snowmobile. It is not a general calling but a conversation between individuals. Et cetera.
   A telephone is merely a connection between individuals, but a radio connects plural peoples simultaneously. It leads a sense of unity which is as if whole villagers live together under one roof. Especially it may give a peace of mind to elderlies who need a effort to walk in a cold winter which becomes -40 Fahrenheit degrees occasionally.





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