Thursday, September 8, 2016



From Grayling village

   A child brought a liver of moose hunted by a somebody of village to Edna's house. Because it was in a large ziplock bag, I thought Edna was given a whole liver at first, but it shared out among all villagers. I can not image how huge the liver was, and how huge the moose was.
   We ate a steak of this fresh liver. It was very delicious. I am not sure of the reason why it is so delicious, because it is fresh, or because it is wild, or because it is moose, or because it satisfies all of those.
   In the village, whoever gets salmon or moose, everybody help to process it and it is shared with everybody, from generation to generation. Probably, this custom is with a belief "we will share things with everyone that mother nature has shared with us". And also, to a visitor from other villages, and to me from other country. Probably, it is not "I will give my things to other that I got in my property".    





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