Day 10

   The night of the day before yesterday, I have pulled my kayak up the foot of a bridge in Tagish village, and found a campground at there by coincidence, where now I am staying. The first people I talked in there are Bev, Bruce , their daughter and husband. Bev and Bruce are making a long stay with their caravan. Bev said that "Pitch your tent by our caravan". So, I just did what she said.
   Bev is feeding me as if I am a real her son. She is always asking me that "Do you eat Udon soup?" "Dou you eat chicken?". Udon soup with soy sauce taste she made was so delicious. Her affection and her hot soup warm me.
   Bev is a daughter of the first nation. She taught me how to cook prairie dog, rabbit and wild duck as traditional food, tonight. A prairie dog is tender and delicious, she said.

   Even though my muscle increase than of first day, my fat decrease. It seems I have to eat more and more than what I imagined. I have to continue eating, but simultaneously I have to paddle. Eat more and move more.




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  1. Fat has 2.5 times more energy per
    unit than carbohydrates. Fat is
    easier to carry, store and eat.
    Wishing you the best.

  2. Maybe you could ask your host
    family if you could obtain some
    oolichan grease. Excellent source
    of food to carry. Used by first
    nation people in that area.
    Wishing you the best.