Day 15

   It should be under a strong low pressure system. I started paddling without sea socks, since the surface of water was calm. Nevertheless, the wind was very changeable, and a head wind increased more than yesterday. I was buffeted by the waves without a time to escape. When I paddled the kayak for the same direction waves moving, it was really like I did surfboarding.
   Immobilized by a head wind, the paddling speed was able to be just around 0.5 mi/hour. Therefore, I pulled my kayak on a shore and pitched my tent to wait the wind to clam.

   In that shore, I met Elise going for a walk with the dogs. She invited me to her cozy house by the shore in a forest to have a cup of coffee, kindly. And then her friend Kristin drove me to get foods to a town, and then Elise and her partner Grant gave me hot dinner and hot shower.

Total Distance: 77 mi




総距離: 123キロメートル

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