Perfect evening on 60 degrees north latitude


Day 27

I finished paddling across Lake Laberge.

Since strong wind and wave in the morning, I waited for those to calm down as slept in a tent, and then in the afternoon those decreased gradually.
Catching a wind and waves that pushed me from behind comfortably, I glided the kayak on the water. Smooth surfaced rocky mountains lined to the right.
When I reached around the end of the lake, the wind stopped completely; it was surrounded by a silence without even sound of leaves rubbed against each other, and I could see flowing pebbles through clear water of the lake. Just only, a song of bird, and a sound of that a bird dived into the water to catch a fish, sounded throughout the lake sparkling in sunlight and the forest of spruce like a soft carpet.
The perfect evening on a 60 degrees north latitude.

Total distance: 187 mi




総距離: 299キロメートル

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