Lake is blue and vast


   Day 9
   I could find a small hole on the Kayak. When I landed the kayak on a shore, being chased by rolling waves in Windy Arm, the kayak should get hit a rock and make it. It can be fixed with a patch I have.
   However, fixing it in the open air, I could not spread an adhesive thin. In view of that the kayak are going to be driven too hard for three months and the patch are going to be applied a strong force, it will be wise judgement that not 24 hours but 3 days I am going to dry the adhesive for.
   Totally 4 days stagnation. Well, It is O.K. The sky is blue and vast, the lake is also blue and vast. A prairie dog friend came to see.


manDisplay the current location and the tracking map

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