Monday, August 1, 2016

Halfway point

Day 61

Because if I cared about rain or wind I could not advance, I have taken a decision to paddle in rain and wind except that to paddle is impossible. So, today, although the storm wind did not calm down yet, I started to paddle.
It was clear sky. However, a strong head wind swept the kayak away and I used my all strength to only steer the bow to the direction of travel.
So, I am dog-tired today. But before lie down, I have to repair the tent for next rain, and write today's progress in Japanese and English.

I have paddled one thousand miles! According to calculations, it is the halfway point. How huge the Yukon River is! I feel that I have spent all my life on the river. It means this is my second life.

Total distance 1,023 mi




総距離: 1,638キロメートル
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