Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Smoked salmon and zipper problem


Day 69

I purchased two smoked salmons from a parson of the first nation, which had been just fished by him in the Yukon River and was smoked in a smoke house as food for his family and dogs for long winter.
It should be the best preserved food for this kayak trip, which is also very delicious and includes good nutrition.

The zipper of the tent fly has gradually become not being closed, although I had changed the slider before departure. It is only a matter of time to become totally unclosed. The tent can not prevent a rain without it. The spare slider was already used to fix the entrance of the tent. So, there is no hope of fixing it. Um... how can I do. I am wondering that it will be work until the village, Galena for the present.

Total distance: 1248 mi




総距離: 1,996キロメートル

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