Rising river


Day 86

   Although the rain has stopped, the river is still continued swelling this morning. Surely it is not related to the weather of here, since the rain fallen on the area of Alaska and the area of Yukon Territory is gathering into here after few weeks traveling.
   In this extremely high water level a sleeping space and a space to evacuate from wave, wind and rain are all submerged, and first nation's fish camp are seems to be almost just nearby their villages. It is going to be just thoughtless gambling to paddle further in this situation, however I have considered many times. So I will wait until the volume of water is going to down, in the next village Grayling.

   As expected, while I was not being able to find any tiny place to pitch the tent, I have paddled for 39 miles and have arrived at Grayling.

   Total distance: 1,624 mi





 総距離: 2599キロメートル

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