Monday, August 22, 2016

Waiting for weather to improve


Day 83

I am waiting for the weather to improve in the tent.
It is quiet. Sounds only I can hear are the sound a rain hits the tent, the sound leaves sway by a wind, the sound of a turbulent flow of a water along a shore, the sound bird flaps wings and of its song, the sound of hum of an insect and the sound a shore crumbles in the distance.

The river is rising every day. It is 4 inches per day from last night. Since the river width is more than one mile, I wonder how much rain is gathering into.
It has been rain continuously last three days, so the river might has risen around 1 foot surprisingly meanwhile.
On the water surface, huge black driftwoods are flowing one after another.

According to the locals at villages along the Yukon River I have paddled through, and my experience, this year it is too much rain and it is too little mosquitoes.





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