Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Innumerable driftwoods


Day 85

Innumerable driftwoods are floating on the river. I threaded my way through driftwoods. I have never seen such a scene although I already have spent on this river for 3 months from June.
Those driftwoods are not a fresh driftwood which has just now fallen down from a shore and still has leaves, but are an aged driftwood for several years fading to black color. The driftwoods that had been washed up on a shore may have started to flow again. The peak of a water level of the Yukon River is at first June when thawing, but these driftwoods mean that the water level of now is exceeding of fist June?
Today also I did not come across a space where I can pitch the tent on both shores and islands. Tonight I have pulled up my kayak on somebody's fish camp.
Nuts, it is last only 400 miles to the sea...

Total distance: 1,585 mi





総距離: 2,536キロメートル

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