Water level is sticking at high


Day 88

   The water level is sticking at the high.

   I am considering methods to start now paddling without waiting until the water level are going to down.

   Can I expect a beach for pitching the tent further from here? No. Because pebbles or sand or mud that was carried for a flooded season should make a beach, the beach should not appear above the water at the present moment flooded, mechaninally.
   Can I spend few nights on sand and gravel by landslide on a mountain surface along a shore? No. I can not have a good idea to pitch the tent on a thirties degree slope for few nights. Will I dig and level the ground? No. I am using a borrowed dome tent for three person, not a tent for single person. Moreover, according to my experience along this river so far, there should be not a margin space to pitch the tent above the water line of when the water will rise.
   Can I sleep on the kayak mooring at a shore? No. It will not become for escaping from waves, a wind and a rain. Moreover, a driftwood might hit me.
   There is a possibility that a creek has a beach. Will I paddle upstream and pitch the tent? No. A rapid stream by rising water should prevent me from paddling upstream.

   So far, it seems to have more possibility to wait for the water level to down.




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