Saturday, August 6, 2016

Protecting the earth


Day 66

When I started expedition, I said that the one of the reason to do this was for "protecting the earth". I still think in here Alaska that it stands to reason.
To protect the earth, we have to understand the nature and a human being.
We can understand the nature, if we will step foot in a forest.
We can understand a human being, if we will understand oneself. And then, we can understand oneself, if we will enter into the nature deeply alone, face emotions of loneliness, fear,and joy and recognize oneself who watch thoes.

Since this section does not have any island, I have pitched my tent on the shore connecting to the mainland. There was the sound of snapping twigs in the forest beside my tent. Crowding mosquitoes indicates that a lot of animals are here. To guard, I made a spear with a paddle and a knife and put it bedside.

Total distance; 1,154 mi





総距離: 1,847キロメートル

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