High waves


Day 79

When I started paddling, southerly head wind already blew. The wind gradually increased, and I started to use a sea anchor halfway. Going for 6 miles for 3 hours, the wind became stronger furthermore, and the landscape changed to make wind and wave strong. White caped waves became high dangerously. I tried to paddle along the shore closely to escape from high waves, but a strong eddy prevented to paddle to downstream. Very luckily, at just there, an abandoned old cabin was. So I will sleep tonight in it.
Gradually a situation of lower Yukon River is appearing. There are many place where if a wind blows a wave becomes high dangerously, but shores for escape are very rare. From here to the mouth, I might have to abandon paddling when a wind blows.

Total distance: 1,510 mi






総距離: 2,416キロメートル

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