River was rough

Day 82

The river was rough with waves, a southerly head wind and a rain. Being drifted by the wind and the waves, I could paddle at a speed of only a half of human walking here and there. I had no time to rest my hand due to continuously being drifted by the wind and the waves, and I got wet under a rain coat. I had wanted to stop paddling but I could not find any shore to pitch the tent since probably the rise of the river covered those, and it forced me to continue paddling a whole day. Even so, I could make progress only 22 miles.
In the lower Yukon, where, from the place the river changes the direction of travel from the west to the south, to the mouth, it seems too hard to paddling in a rain or a wind.

As expected, finally, the zipper of the tent fly has become not to be closed. It looks like that an emergency repair squashing the slider by pliers will work only few days. Therefore, thanks to Jon, I have changed the tent to his tent I borrowed. It is a great help in the spell of rainy weather.

Total distance: 1,553 mi




総距離: 2,484キロメートル

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