The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 30

While a strong wind was shaking the tent, almost all tent pegs were being pulled out from sandy soil. Whitecaps spreading all over surface of the river like scattered cottons; a big tree swayed in the wind; walking against a headwind was not impossible but difficult. A wind speed was probably 31-38 Mile/Hour. That westerly wind was a headwind against a kayak traveling down the river. I thought that, in that strong wind, both, to sail and paddle the kayak which was mounted a sail system, and to paddle the kayak which was un-mounted the sail system, were impossible. A weather forecast in English on marine radio was poorly-heard for me, and to understand it was difficult. According to information from Nicholas Lippold, the wind would go on until the day after next. So, although I planned to paddle the kayak out that night, I would have to keep staying in here least until next day’s night.

At around 6 p.m. when the sky was still bright, Matt came here riding a Suzuki motorcycle stylishly, and brought me supplies which were green apple, red apple, banana, orange, energy bar, candy, snack, orange juice, water, and brandy. Matt who is not only Mayor of Pasco but an adventurer riding a motorcycle for more than 2,000 miles within 24 hours, excellently understood what I wanted to, who had eaten just dry foods every day. We crawled into the tiny tent to avoid the wind, and had a great time for a while as if we came here for camping together.