The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 38

According to weather forecasts, a strong westerly headwind would blow from today to the day after tomorrow. So, today I was not able to paddle the kayak out into the Columbia River. I had to pitch the tent and stay in the same place somewhere for few days for waiting for this wind to die down. Cary said to me that Rock Creek Park, a tiny park, in Mosier was the only place where I relatively had a low possibility of getting kicked out of it by a police officer or a park ranger if I pitched the tent and stayed a night, and had a dry riverbed for paddling the kayak out into the river. Although Rock Creek Park was a little distance away from The Dalles Dam and was for day-use-only, since I had no choice we carried the kayak and pitched the tent there.

And then, I was sorry to part from Cary, but I said farewell to him.