The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 39

Here is in the middle of the valley of the wind, the Columbia River Gorge. Today also, I am waiting for the strong westerly headwind to die down.

Mosier is a small town like a tree town into which grows from tree house. Mosier overlooks the Columbia River, and is located quietly in the foot of Mount Hood which is blanketed by white snow and fosters bright forest in the broad bottom of it. I met by chance with Arlene Burns at a coffee shop which was only one in that small town.

She carried my kayak from the park to her house with her friend Lisa. She offered me to stay in a just newly built guest house which overlooks the Columbia River Gorge from a terrace, and said that I could stay for as many nights as I want. She cooked me delicious organic foods.  And she, who well knew that Japanese loves a bath, prepared a Jacuzzi bath built in a garden.

Arlene, who plays active roles outstandingly in outdoor sports world in worldwide including Japan, and brims with love for people and the earth, amazingly also gives deep affection to me who met just today.