The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 3

I rent a car at Seattle Tacoma international airport for 4 days for $ 790, of which I didn’t have a room for hesitation in paying such cost.

I drove to the north alone, getting confuse for keep-to-the-right which is opposite from Japan, came under horns from following vehicles since I was unclear a rule of right-turn traffic signal, feeling sleepy strongly due to jet-lag. In preparation for the expedition continued without a break, fatigue had accumulated in the body. But, as if it drove away such tension and fatigue, white snow covering the Cascade Mountains that stretched out to the right hand made me excited, and invited me to Canada.

At eight in the morning, I visited Feathercraft to receive a sea-kayak I ordered.

Doug who is founder, Theresa who exchanged e-mails with, and all of employees welcomed me with big smiles on their faces. “You are the man of that plan! I wanted to see you”, Doug said and grinned widely. I was so glad.

And fortunately, Shiro who runs a kayak shop in Japan just happened to stay there. Thankfully, over a whole day, in Japanese, he explained me complex assembly and disassembly procedures of the kayak.

I was going to do an unknown adventure in unfamiliar foreign countries. It was beyond the scope of my experience and imagination. I felt a broad and vague sense of excitement and unease. Feelings of everyone, who treated me warmly and eagerly more than as one of customer, released such my tension.