The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 8

I assembled new kayak, which I had purchased 5 days before in Canada, by myself for the first time for about 3 hours. She has a slender body as length is 18 feet and width is 2 feet, has a sharp bow, and has a functional beauty with a sense of speed. Because I was going to put my life in hers hands from now for a long time, I named her Blackbird for to increase an attachment to her, although I had not had an interest to name my personal belongings until now. Her trade name is Heron and I chose a solid black color, so I named Blackbird.

At 5 p.m., the sun declined and a heat of the afternoon was tempered, I attempted a maiden voyage of Blackbird.

Troublingly, I realized that a kayak cart, which consists of two wheels and aluminum pipes simply, lacked one of the parts of it, when I assembled it for to attach it on the kayak and to drag the kayak to edge of water. When I bought it in Canada, I could not pay attention to the cart since I was busy to check the kayak as main unit. I had to wait for the missing part to arrive from Canada in here the City of Kennewick…

I floated the kayak on still water in yacht harbor. As I was inserting a paddle and pushing it lightly to the back, the kayak was knifing the water silently and gliding. Two line of ripple shaped acute-angled triangle whose vertex was a sharpened point of the kayak extended backward quietly, as pallet makes lines on plaster.