The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 5

Yesterday, I had come to City of Kennewick, Washington, U.S.A. from where I was going to start my expedition. But, when I drove to a RV park along the Columbia River which I had marked out for a long-term stay base camp for preparations and putting a kayak out to the river, I could not find any dry riverbed where I could put the kayak out. Therefore, there was no other choice, I had driven to look for an alternative space, but night fell before I could find. Almost all land of riverside was parks where are permitted only day camp.

I spent a night in the rent-a-car at a parking space in a park. Although I was exhausted, I was hard to get to sleep. Because I felt uneasiness, which I cannot pitch a tent anywhere and then my expedition is going to be finished despite that I did not even start the expedition yet.

And also today, I drove to look for a camping space. While I had not been able to find any camping space, I drove into Port of Kennewick where more than 100 yachts moored. And then, I asked to Mike Melia who directed to fix a pavement of parking area, “Do you know any place where I can pitch a tent and put a kayak out to the river?” Mike kindly introduced me to his co-workers who administered the port, and then surprisingly they gave me a permission to set up a tent and stay in the port. They told me, that it deviated from an established rule, but specially they would support my expedition.

I pitched a tent on the grass behind an unused single-story office. The Columbia River the sun sets on was outspread before the tent. It was so quiet without flow of people. They offered me a shower room and a power plug.

I fell into a restful sleep for the first time after leaving Japan under protection of their kindness.