The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 29

Only one big willow about thirty feet in height stood loftily in Quesnel Park which was exposed to the wind and was just pebbled. Its shade was only spot as a shelter from strong sunshine where I could pitch my tent. Since I had come here last night, I had eaten just dry apple, biscuit and beef jerky, and I had slept like a log even after sunrise, because my exhausted body had wanted sleep more than food.

At around 3 p.m., the sunshine began to strike on the tent because the shade of the willow moved, and then I could not sleep any more in heat and crawled out from the tent. “Are you men of the kayak on television?” At that time, Bill Snyder coming here by a pickup-truck struck up a friendly conversation with me. He told that he watched me talking with Mayor of Kennewick. It was my pleasure that he invited me to dinner and shower into his home positively, so I visited his farm, Threemile Canyon Farms, beside the river. That was a huge farm of 90,000 acres with center pivot irrigations using water from the Columbia River.

Bacon, mushroom, chilli toast, and cold beer were incredibly delicious for my exhausted body. And Bill gave me a sweet offer to support in case anything should happen to me.

Supports from many people gave me energy.