The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 24

The sail which set up on my kayak had a similar structure to a sail of a yacht. But, it was simplified considerably, because the body of the kayak was smaller than a yacht. In the result, when I lowered the sail, it fell to water loosely without folding up, and then it made me impossible to move the kayak to a direction I wanted.

When the kayak landed on shore or strong wind blew, I had to lower the sail completely or shrink to reduce a force received from the wind. And in this situation, if the kayak becomes uncontrollable, it will be very dangerous. So I had to use a little ingenuity around the sail.

As I was blessed with many excellent friends fortunately, I could ride on Phillip’s yacht in Kennewick 6 days ago, and then could observe a structure of the sail carefully. So now, I had an idea that how to make a similar mechanism with ropes I already had, and I tried that modification in the morning.

In doing so, I hoisted a pirate flag, which I bought with Phillip in Kennewick, on the rope tied to a mast—Have fun! I am a maverick pirate.

Sunlight was vigorous. As I admire the panorama of Columbia River Gorge and the sky, I felt as if my heart melted into the earth.