The Kennewick-Man Expedition, DAY 9

At 10 a.m., at Cameron’s café, Kennewick Coffee Co., I was interviewed by John Trumbo from Tri-City Herald newspaper, because Cameron had made a phone call and told them about me.

And then, at 11 a.m., I was interviewed by KNDU-TV in front of my tent. Bryant Maddrick, reporter, threw questions to me, and shot me with the kayak in the background. It was my first experience of being interviewed by TV, and furthermore being interviewed in English. It was a difficult task and indeed I spoke in not fluent English, but I could do without much tension, maybe because the kayak expedition which was going to start in the days ahead was much bigger challenge.

And then, at 3 p.m., Steve Young, Mayor of Kennewick, visited me with KNDU-TV at my tent, it was an honor. Because during my little talk with Cameron the other day, I told him that “I wonder if I can see Mayor of Kennewick.”, and then he told it to a journalist.

It became topics of conversation about my expedition which was going to trace back a migration path of Kennewick Man and start from here City of Kennewick, about Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, etc. Steve gave me a heartwarming letter to the people of Fukushima that “Our hearts and souls join you in your daily work to rebuild and recover from the heartbreak of Fukushima.”

At a later date, Steve introduced me to some assembly member in the city hall.